Where Do Bed Bugs Bite Most?

Where Do Bed Bugs Bite Most?

Bed bugs are notorious for their biting behavior. It’s usually found in dark and hidden places such as mattresses, box springs, furniture, cracks in walls or floor, and even behind wallpaper. It doesn’t need to be said that their bites can be quite painful and they are potentially hazardous to our health as they may spread a variety of diseases.

Where Are Most Commonly Found?

Bed bugs typically like to make campsites in tight, dark areas such as mattress seams and box springs. They’ve also been known to hide in crevices of headboards, electrical outlets, and behind wallpapers.

Identifying Bed Bug Bites

Being able to identify bed bug bites can help avoid potential health risks. Bed bug bites typically appear in clusters and form straight rows of red swelling and welts. They look like mosquito or flea bites, with a red center that can have a dark halo or blister.

Sensitive Body Parts

The most common area bed bugs bite include:

  • Neck – Bites on this area can be very painful, and their bites can typically be confused with allergic reactions.
  • Arms – Bed bugs are usually attracted to the arms, as these areas usually have exposed skin, making them easy targets for the bugs.
  • Legs – Bed bugs may also bite on the legs and feet, which are exposed while you’re sleeping, making them easy and vulnerable targets.
  • Hands & Ankles – These areas are also prone to bed bug bites due their exposure while sleeping.

In conclusion, bed bugs bite most commonly on those areas of the body that are exposed while sleeping, such as the hands, feet, arms, neck, and ankles. Although the bites are unsightly and uncomfortable, identifying and removing bed bugs from your home is the best way to avoid further health risks.

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