What Does Chigger Bites Look Like on Human Skin?

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What Does Chigger Bites Look Like on Human Skin?

Chigger bites are red bumps and look like blisters.

They’re usually found in warm skin folds. They start as a single, then appear in groups, and eventually become large and itchy.


If untreated, they may become infected with bacteria. The most common symptom of chigger bites is itching.

Chiggers can also bite dogs, cats, birds, horses, and other animals. The chigger genus has a cosmopolitan distribution; it has been found in almost all countries on every continent except Antarctica.

Biology Chiggers are insects that belong to the order Acarina (insects with six legs) and are related to ticks. Their bodies are oval, and their heads are large with compound eyes.

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