What Do Bed Bugs Hate?

What Do Bed Bugs Hate?

It can be a nightmare to get your home infested with bed bugs. Dealing with those pesky pests can be incredibly difficult and cause a great deal of stress and discomfort. Fortunately, there are certain things that bed bugs hate and can be used to deter them.


Bed bugs cannot survive certain temperatures. Cold temperatures above freezing, but below 113° Fahrenheit (45° Celsius) can cause bed bugs to freeze and die and temperatures above 120° Fahrenheit (49° Celsius) can effectively kill them. Therefore, while it cannot be used as a permanent solution, frequent exposure to these temperatures can help control the number of bedbugs in your home.


Bed bugs are light and small creatures that rely on their bodies to change their temperature. Therefore, strong airflows can disrupt their ability to stay at the desired temperature and cause them to dry out and die. Fans, vacuums, and air conditioners can all be used to your advantage to keep the bed bugs away from your home.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural substance made of fossilized algae created over time. It has sharp, microscopic edges that can adheres to the outer cuticle of insects like bed bugs. This can disrupt their protective layer and cause them to dry out and die. Sprinkling the powder around the base of your bed and wherever else bed bugs are likely to hide, such as couches and other furniture, can help drive them away.

Certain Smells

Certain smells can also help keep bed bugs away. Bed bugs dislike the smells of lavender, peppermint, and citrus, so having these plants and essential oils around your home can help drive them away. Certain other smells, such as cedarwood, can also be used to repel bed bugs and make it less inviting to them.

Cleaning Products

Using certain cleaning products can also help keep bed bugs away. Vacuuming regularly and using cleaning products containing ingredients such as boric acid, pine oil, and permethrin, can all help get rid of them. As an added bonus, these can also help keep other bugs away as well.


Bed bugs can be a huge nuisance and a real source of stress, but thankfully, there are things you can do to help keep them away. Cold temperatures, air flow, diatomaceous earth, certain smells, and well-chosen cleaning products can all help deter them and make it less inviting for them to invade your home.

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