What Do Bed Bugs Eggs Look Like on A Mattress?

What Do Bed Bugs Eggs Look Like On A Mattress?

Bed bugs eggs, which are about the size of a pinhead, can be difficult to spot on a mattress, but are important to identify as they are the first stage of bed bug development. Becausse of their small size, it is essential to know what to look for in order to detect the presence of bed bug eggs.

Bed Bug Egg Identification

In order to identify bed bug eggs on a mattress you should be familiar with what they look like. Bed bug eggs are:

  • Whiteish/transparent in color
  • Approximate 1 mm or 1/32 in length
  • Elongated in shape
  • Creamy or nearly transparent in appearance

Bed bugs eggs may also be stuck on the mattress surface, or located in cracks and crevices where the bugs can hide. Bed bugs also lay their eggs in clusters, so if you see multiple eggs near each other, that is a sign of bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Egg Removal

It is important to remove bed bug eggs from the mattress in order to stop their proliferation. The easiest way to remove bed bug eggs is to vacuum them up, either with a handheld vacuum or a full-size vacuum.

If you suspect that the mattress has been infested with bed bug eggs, you may want to consider replacing the mattress entirely. This is the only sure way of completely eradicating the infestation.

Another option is to use products specifically designed to kill bed bugs, such as a bed bug steam cleaner. These products will effectively kill the eggs and larvae while still leaving the mattress intact.


Identifying bed bug eggs on a mattress is a crucial step in the process of stopping bed bugs from multiplying. Bed bug eggs are small, whiteish/transparent in color, and approximately 1 mm long. The best way to remove bed bug eggs is through vacuuming them up, replacing the mattress, or using specific products designed to kill bed bugs. With vigilance and proper treatment, you can ensure that infestations don’t become worse.

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