Liron has had enough of the investor turning a $10,000 investment into a smooth $6 million.

It's worth pointing out that in a new interview with Insider, Shapira called the broader cryptocurrencies space worthless and said it should all be shut down.


Given the current state of the space, Shapira's opinion isn't without wrong. He wants to be like the investment fund manager who predicted the 2008 financial crisis and is not pulling any punches.

One of the lucky ones was Shapira, who got out before the market went for a nosedive. Despite making a bundle and later selling his stake in the exchange, the investor has become an outspoken critic.


He has used his online presence as a way to push targets into the space, like when he called Axie Infinity a "Ponzi scheme" on the social media site.

Axie to Grind

Following his interview with Insider, he said "I've never been a 'hater', because this isn't emotional for me" "If I still believed in it, I'd keep betting on it, but now I see the writing on the wall.

"Now my bets are on the markets crashing," he said.


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