Carlos Alcaraz vs. Frances Tiafoe was a high-level, high-energy spectacle of a back-and-forth match at the US Open, and the winner will have his hands full in the finals.

The rest of us have made some mistakes and won a few matches. I think he did the right thing by playing the right match style in the last round of play.


It's impressive for Alcaraz to have reached a Grand Slam final at the age of 19 and it's even more impressive that he defeated Tiafoe. This could be a big breakthrough for him.

When Alcaraz held a match point in the fourth set, he appeared to have seized control of the match. After saving it and yelling, "I'm putting my heart on the line!", Tiafoe was forcing a fifth set.

Alcaraz played a third five-set in a row, including a 5-hour, 15-minute win that ended at 2:50 a.m., but showed no signs of fatigue. It was the latest finish in tournament history.

When Alcaraz


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