Sand Fleas Hawaii

Sand Fleas: Hawaii’s Tiny But Problematic Nuisance

Hawaii is known and loved for its beautiful beaches, but it also has its share of unwelcome beach dwellers: sand fleas. These tiny insects, or “no-see-ums,” are a serious problem in Hawaii, and they can ruin a vacation if not effectively dealt with.

What Are Sand Fleas?

Sand fleas are also known as “sand flies” or “no-see-ums” because they are so small they are difficult to see without a magnifying glass. They can range in size from 1-3mm, and they live and breed around sandy beaches and near the water.

What Problems Do Sand Flies Cause?

Sand fleas are a real nuisance for beachgoers in Hawaii. When they bite, they leave behind an itchy, raised patch that can last for days. It can be difficult to prevent sand flea bites, as some repellants may not be effective.

How Can I Prevent Sand Flea Bites?

There are several steps you can take to avoid sand flea bites:

  • Wear insect repellent: Apply a repellent that contains DEET or lemon eucalyptus oil to your skin and clothes.
  • Check your body: After coming home from the beach, check your body for any bites and shower/rinse off if you suspect you have been bitten.
  • Avoid going in the water at dawn and dusk: These are the times of day when sand fleas are most active.
  • Wear loose clothing: Sand fleas can bite through tight fabrics, so opt for light, loose clothing when spending time on the beach.


Sand fleas may be small but they can cause big problems for beachgoers in Hawaii. Knowing how to prevent sand flea bites is key to enjoying your time in Hawaii. With the right precautions, you can enjoy your beach time without fear of these pesky critters!

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