Sand Fleas Bites on Dogs

Sand Fleas Bites on Dogs

Have you ever been to the beach and put your feet in the sand only to feel those little bugs all over your skin? These are sand fleas, and they can cause nasty bites to not only humans, but our furry friends, too.

What Are Sand Fleas?

Sand fleas fall under the category of arthropods, which are animals with exoskeletons, segmented bodies and jointed limbs. Classified as Siphonaptera, sand fleas have no wings and their jumping ability makes them look like fleas. In reality, sand fleas do not get into the fur and skin of our beloved animals in the same way as traditional fleas do. Instead, sand fleas jump onto the skin and cause a bite.

Identifying Sand Flea Bites

One of the biggest challenges of sand flea bites is that these little critters are very difficult to detect. The bites themselves will look similar to mosquito or little fleas bites. Some may manifest with red and inflamed bumps, or even small, red dots on the skin. Often, the presence of several dots clustered together can indicate the bite of a sand flea. The area may also be itchy or painful.

Protecting Your Dogs From Sand Fleas

It is important to provide your pet with sand flea protection if they are going to be heading to the beach or any other sandy area. Here are a few tips to keep them comfortable and protected:

  • Brush Them Regularly – Sand fleas tend to stick to the fur of our pets, so don’t forget to brush them before and after walks in the sand.
  • Use a Flea and Tick Spray – Spritz your pup with flea and tick spray before heading out to the beach.
  • Apply Pet Protection Cream – This can be used in areas that are more prone to sand flea bites.
  • Give Them Check-Ups – Be sure to give your pup regular check-ups to ensure that they are not harboring any sand fleas.

Sand fleas can cause an unpleasant surprise to unsuspecting beachgoers. By taking the necessary precautions, you can help protect your four-legged friends from these pesky critters.

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