Sand Fleas at The Beach

Sand Fleas at The Beach

Summer trips to the beach are a fun way to relax and enjoy some of the outdoors. But while many beach-goers are aware of the stinging sand, they may not know about the itchy after-effect of sand flea bites.

Sand fleas are tiny insects that live in sand and feed off blood. As their name implies, they are commonly found at the beach and can bite unsuspecting beach-goers, leaving behind an irritating, itchy rash.

What are sand fleas?

Sand fleas, also commonly known as sand flies, are species of insects that are distributed worldwide. Their sizes range from 1 to 25mm, meaning that they are hardly visible to the naked eye.

Identifying Sand Flea Bites

Sand flea bites can be hard to identify as they look similar to mosquito bites or chiggers. However, here are some signs that point to sand flea bites:

  • Itching: this is the most common sign of a sand flea bite, resulting from the flea’s saliva.
  • Red Blemishes: these occur once the flea has penetrated the skin, resulting in a red mark.
  • Small Bumps: as the flea continues to bite and suck the blood, lumps may form throughout the area.

Preventing Sand Flea Bites

In order to avoid the irritation of sand fleas bites, here are some steps to take:

  • Avoid spending extended periods of time outside when it is still light, as this is when sand fleas are most active.
  • Cover your arms and legs when at the beach.
  • Avoid lying directly on the sand in the evening, as this gives sand fleas an easy target.
  • Check your body when returning from the beach in case any fleas have attached themselves.

Though these steps are important for avoiding sand fleas, it is important to remember that sand fleas are not harmful and do not carry any diseases. If you do happen to get bitten by a sand flea, the itching should subside soon.

Overall, sand fleas are unfortunately something that beach-goers need to be aware of. If you take the necessary precautions, however, it is still possible to enjoy a summer vacation at the beach in peace.

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