Do Bed Bugs Run from Light?

Do Bed Bugs Run From Light?

Bed bugs are among the most common household pests, and their presence in your home can cause a great deal of distress. One of the defining characteristics of bed bug behavior is that they tend to hide during the daylight hours and venture out in darkness. This has led to the popular belief that they are frightened of light and will run away from it. However, the truth is not quite that simple.

What Makes Bed Bugs Seek Out Darkness?

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, which means that they live and hunt primarily in darkness. This behavior is closely linked to their medical needs. Both adult bed bugs and their nymphs are extremely sensitive to temperature, and since day time temperatures tend to be higher, the creatures prefer to minimize their exposure to the heat.

In addition, bed bugs feed exclusively on sleeping mammals, so it actually makes sense that their primary activity occurs at night, when their victims are least likely to sense their presence and move away.

Do Bed Bugs Receive Harm from Bright Lights?

Most sources agree that while bed bugs prefer to be out of direct light, they aren’t actually repelled by it. In fact, prolonged exposure to certain forms of light, such as ultraviolet rays, can actually kill them.

For this reason, the best way to use the power of light against these pests is to keep the infested area illuminated all night. This will discourage their activity and push them to look for a darker place.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Infesting Your Home?

Although light can play an important role in discouraging bed bug activity, it’s important to remember that it is not a reliable solution for preventing infestations. The most effective ways to keep your home free from bed bugs are:

  • Vacuuming – Make sure to vacuum all the areas in your home that have fabric or upholstery on a regular basis.
  • Cleaning – Make sure to clean regularly, paying particular attention to all the dark crevices and stubborn areas.
  • Avoiding Contamination – Avoid contamination by not bringing in second hand furniture, mattresses and other items that could be infested with bed bugs

Overall, while light can be used to help minimize bed bug activity, it shouldn’t be relied upon as the only solution. The key to preventing infestations is to take precautionary measures, such as cleaning, vacuuming and avoiding items that could carry bed bugs into your home.

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