Do Bed Bugs Bite Animals?

Do Bed Bugs Bite Animals?

Bed bugs are known for their itchy bites and uncanny ability to hide and travel from one place to the next. As creepy crawlers, they can cause trouble for people if not contained and addressed. But what about animals? Are bed bugs — which only feed on blood — targeting our furry family members?

Targeting People or Pets?

Bed bugs are well-known for targeting humans to get a blood meal, but they can also feed on other animals. They can bite cats and dogs, despite the animals’ fur. The primary food source that a bed bug seeks out is human blood, which is why homes, apartments and hotel rooms are typically their choice habitat.

Are Animals at Risk?

Cats, dogs, rodents and other domestic pets can easily become a sneaky bed bug’s meal of choice. Animals are more likely to succumb to infestations if they sleep in the same bed as their owners or if they’re visiting a place that’s dealing with a bed bug problem.

Watch for Signs of a Bed Bug Bite on Your Pet

Should you be concerned about bed bugs biting your pet? Yes, you should. If you see small, red bumps on the skin of your pet, along with signs of itching, scratching or flaking skin, bed bug bites could be to blame. It’s also worth noting that bed bugs can feed off of other animals like birds, farm animals and reptiles.

Professional Treatment Is Best

The best thing you can do if you suspect your pet has a bed bug infestation is to seek professional help. Pest control experts have the know-how to identify and eliminate bed bugs and other critters. Here’s what to look for in a pest control company:

  • experience with bed bug detection and removal
  • tailored service plans
  • acceptance by pet owners
  • safe and effective treatments
  • brand reputation

Bed bugs can affect your pet just as easily as they can affect you — and the sooner you get them addressed, the better. Treating the problem with a licensed profession is the best way to safeguard your pet and keep bed bugs from coming back.

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