Crane Fly vs Mosquito

Cranc Fly vs Mosquito

When it comes to mosquitoes, most people get an immediate, knee-jerk reaction of irritation and annoyance. However, the pesky mosquito is far from the only bug flying around your backyard. The crane fly is often mistaken for the mosquito, and there are some similarities, but the differences between these two insects outweigh the similarities.


  • Size: Both of these insects fly and are relatively small in size.
  • Climate: They’re found mostly in spring, summer and late fall in temperate climates.
  • Body Construction: Crane flies have long legs and a slender body, making them look like mosquitoes.


  • Habits: Mosquitoes feed off plants and the blood of animals, while crane flies feed off plants and other decaying matter
  • Appearance:Mosquitoes have a distinctive proboscis, while crane flies do not.
  • Life Cycle: The average lifespan of a mosquito is only two weeks, while a crane fly can live for up to two months.

In conclusion, crane flies and mosquitoes are not one in the same, even though there are some similarities. Knowing the differences between the two insects can help you identify them more easily. It also reveals how mosquitoes are much more dangerous and frustrating than crane flies.

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