Clover Mites vs Chiggers

Clover Mites vs Chiggers

Clover mites and chiggers are both arachnids found in many areas of the world. These tiny insects can both cause minor skin irritations and are easily confused with one another. However, there are some key differences between clover mites and chiggers that homeowners should be aware of.

Clover Mites Overview

Clover mites are incredibly small, red arachnids. These mites feed off of grass, clover, and other foliage in residential gardens and parks. While these mites do not live inside our homes, they often enter dwellings in large groups when temperatures warm up.

Chiggers Overview

Chiggers are small, red mites found in lawns and other damp, vegetated areas. These mites feed mainly on foliage, although they will occasionally feed on humans. When chiggers bite, they actually inject saliva into the skin, which causes an itchy rash.

Key Differences Between Clover Mites and Chiggers

Although both clover mites and chiggers are small, red arachnids, they are easily distinguished by their behavior and size:

  • Size: Clover mites are much larger than chiggers, measuring up to 1/30 of an inch. Chiggers are much smaller, measuring only 1/150 of an inch.
  • Feeding: Clover mites do not feed on humans, while chiggers do.
  • Habitation: Clover mites typically stay outdoors, while chiggers are found both indoors and outdoors.
  • Bites: Clover mites do not bite, while chiggers do.

Though both clover mites and chiggers are easily confused, understanding the differences between these two pests can help homeowners identify them quickly. Knowing how to properly identify these arachnids is important because clover mite infestations can be controlled with minor pest management strategies, while chiggers may require more specialized treatments.

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