Can You Get Shingles if You Have Had Chickenpox Vaccine?

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Can You Get Shingles if You Have Had Chickenpox Vaccine?

It’s true that shingles is often caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. People who have had shingles as children and have had shingles before are at risk for the disease.

You’re still at risk for having shingles if you don’t get the vaccine.


The varicella-zoster virus remains inactive in a person’s body after they recover from Chickenpox. Some viruses can cause shingles later.

Most people with shingles only have one episode in their life. You can have more than one shingles.

You’re more likely to get shingles if you get the disease. It doesn’t mean that shingles won’t cause chickenpox. They could have shingles later in life.

If you cover the area with a bandage you are less likely to get shingles again. The majority of people who have the disease recover without any problems. People with shingles are more likely to have chicken pox.

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