Bed Bugs Heat Treatment Cost

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cost

Bed bugs are a major nuisance. They invade our homes, ruining the furnishings and causing distress and anxiety to both homeowners and those with whom they share their living space. Unfortunately, bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate, but with the right strategies—including heat treatments—there is a good chance to win the battle against these pests.

What are Heat Treatments?

Heat treatments for bed bugs is a common approach to controlling infestations. Using specialized heaters, the area where the bed bugs are located is heated to a predetermined temperature range. This kills the bugs and their eggs, and is often the recommended solution when chemical treatments have not been able to eradicate all of the bugs.

What are the Cost Factors?

The cost of a heat treatment for bed bugs will vary depending on a few factors:

  • Type of treatment – Heat treatments can range from simple spot treatments that are used on a small area to whole house treatments that encompass an entire residence. The type of treatment chosen will determine the cost.
  • Area being treated – The larger the area being treated, the more the cost. Heat treatments are generally the most cost effective in smaller areas, such as an individual room or space.
  • Labor – Heat treatments require the help of a trained professional who can safely operate the heating equipment. The labor cost of a heat treatment can significantly impact the overall cost of the treatment.

What is the Typical Cost?

The average cost of a heat treatment for bed bugs is around $1,000.00, depending on the size of the area being treated. This may sound expensive, but it is far cheaper than the cost of replacing all of the infested items or having to fumigate the entire residence.

The cost of a heat treatment for bed bugs is not always the same, and can vary from place to place. It is important to contact several pest control services to get an accurate estimate of the cost of a heat treatment in your area before deciding to proceed with the treatment.


Bed bug heat treatments can be a great way to eradicate an infestation. Although the cost can be significant, it is usually much more cost-effective than other methods of bed bug control. If you are considering a heat treatment for your bed bug problem, make sure to get estimates from different pest control services to ensure you are getting the best price possible.

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