Bed Bugs at Great Wolf Lodge

What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs at Great Wolf Lodge

With over 18 locations throughout the United States, Great Wolf Lodge is a popular choice for family vacations. But many people are concerned about the risk of bed bugs in the hotel’s rooms. Here’s what you need to know about bed bugs at Great Wolf Lodge.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They’re usually nocturnal and hide in mattresses, bedding, furniture, and other dark, warm places. Bed bugs are often found in lodging establishments, including hotels, motels, and resorts.

Does Great Wolf Lodge Have Bed Bugs?

Great Wolf Lodge takes bed bug prevention and eradication very seriously. The company invests in regular inspections and treatments to ensure that any potential threat is eliminated. However, no hotel can guarantee that it is 100% free of bed bugs. It’s always possible that a guest could bring bed bugs into the hotel from outside sources.

What Should I Do if I Suspect Bed Bugs?

If you suspect that your hotel room may have bed bugs, you should notify hotel staff immediately. Great Wolf Lodge has trained staff who will help to identify any potential threat, and take the necessary steps to contain and eradicate the problem.

What Can I Do to Avoid Bed Bugs?

Here are some tips to help you avoid bed bugs when staying at Great Wolf Lodge:

  • Check your hotel room: Carefully inspect the bed and bedding, furniture, and other areas of the room where bed bugs may hide.
  • Keep your luggage off the floor: Bed bugs can easily travel from infested rooms to yours by “hitching a ride” on your luggage, so keep it off the floor at all times.
  • < li>Use travel accessories: Special suitcase stands, mattress protectors, and bed bug spray can help to keep bed bugs away.

By taking these simple precautions and being aware of the risks, you can help to protect yourself and your family from any potential bed bug threat.

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